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Patch Day: 1.1 and the First Sub-up

January 23, 2012 - 3:38 pm No Comments

The first 30 days of Star Wars: The Old Republic comes to a close with a decent-sized content patch and a few more promises concerning future systems and features. It’s a big day for players comingĀ  to a new MMOG – the time to decide whether or not to sub-up and pay that first $15 monthly payment.

The first day live for SWTOR was December 21st, making January 20th the first day for early players to incur the monthly fee. The internets abound with polls on the subject; from one fan site to the next, they all want to know who is going to subscribe. After months and months of beta testing, a month of live play, and countless hours of developer footage, interviews, and “insider” news from fans, the time to ante up or fold the game has arrived. Read through the cut to find out what Patch 1.1 brought and some opinion on the state of the game.